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The role of the El Paso City Employees’ Pension Fund is to provide secure retirement benefits, quality information concerning those benefits, and prompt professional and courteous service that meets the highest standards of excellence. In carrying out that role, the Board of Trustees and staff are committed to act for the exclusive benefit of the fund and its participants, manage assets of the fund prudently, and administer benefits with impartiality.

The City of El Paso has created a comprehensive retirement plan for its employees. This plan is call the El Paso City Employees’ Pension Fund (“the Plan”). This website explains how you earn a pension and what steps you need to take to claim it.

Most employees of the City of El Paso are either required or permitted to participate in the Plan. However, policemen, and firemen covered by either the Policemen’s or Firemen’s Pension Fund may not participate in this plan. There are other special eligibility provisions which apply to certain groups, such as regular part-time employees, grant-funded employees, and contract employees. If you have questions regarding your eligibility please refer to Section I of the Summary Plan Description.

We recommend that you take the time to review this webpage so that you and your family will know what benefits are provided by the Plan and how they are determined.

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Make sure to complete all the steps as listed in the following retirement checklist:

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Special Note

This website is intended to provide general information about the plan to participants in the Plan. It is not intended to be a contract, and it does not provide any contractual rights or impose any contractual obligations. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of this website and the actual plan provisions, which can be found in Chapter 2.64 of the Municipal Code and Title 8, Section A of the Texas Government Code, the actual provisions of the Plan, and not this website will be followed.


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