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Pension News

Proposed Ordinance and Resolution

The El Paso City Employees’ Pension Fund (the Fund) is governed by Section 2.64 of the El Paso Municipal Code. The Board in administering the Fund makes recommendations to the City Council regarding plan amendments which will make the Fund operate more effectively. The Board is recommending a plan amendment and resolution which are intended to make the administration of the plan more effective. The plan amendment, in part, addresses board membership and terms and clarifies certain sections of the plan. The resolution modifies factors used in early, deferred and optional retirement elections/settlements made by participants at the time they retire. The ordinance amendment is expected to be introduced on April 4th with the City Council consideration for approval for the ordinance and resolution on April 18th. Below are the draft ordinance amendment and resolution. We encourage you to take a moment to read this important information.




Pre-Retirement Planning

Training The Pre-Retirement Planning Session is scheduled for April 19, 2017. The informational session helps to prepare participants for retirement. The session will be held at the Workforce Learning Center located at 218 N. Campbell Street from 8:00 A.M. to Noon.

Register in advance by sending an email to with the following information:

  • Employee Name
  • Kronos ID Number
  • Department Name
  • Name of Training

Pension Board Election

The Pension Fund (the Fund) was established by the City of El Paso to provide participants retirement benefits. It is regulated by the El Paso Municipal Code and administered by the Board of Trustees (the Board.) The Board is composed of nine members including four City employees who are qualified to participate in the Fund. The four employees serving on the Board are elected to serve a three year term.

The terms for two Employee Board Members will expire soon. The election for those two seats will be held during the last full week of April 2017. Voting will be held from Monday, April 24 thru Wednesday, April 26 during regular working hours at designated voting locations. The City Manager’s Office has provided notice of all voting locations. The notices have been posted on the bulletin boards in City Hall and in all City departments. Please click here to view the candidate bios and voting locations.

The Board of Trustees administers the Pension Fund, directs the safekeeping and investment of funds and orders payments from the fund in accordance with the Municipal Code. Regular Board meetings are held monthly and as required. Trustees may also be appointed to specialized committees that will meet as required. Certain Committees, such as the Investment Committee, meet monthly. All Trustees must maintain continued education as stipulated by the State Pension Review Board.




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